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Sissi Liu

Sissi Liu


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Sissi Liu is a results-driven cleantech executive with 12+ years of sector experience. Most recently, she headed up North American business development at Joule Unlimited Technologies, the pioneer in direct CO2-to-fuel production platform, powered by sunlight. Sissi’s specific areas of expertise are corporate and business development, strategic planning, program management, and marketing.

At Joule, Sissi managed the partnership with Audi and developed partnerships internationally and in the US. Prior to Joule, Sissi led the management of the $8 million SEED Fund at the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, which invested in and incubated seed-stage clean energy technology companies. In addition, Sissi has a background in Investment Banking in the High Tech and Telecom space.

Throughout her career, Sissi has been known for her critical thinking and passion for enabling climate change relevant technology solutions. To that end, Sissi continues to share her insights with entrepreneurs through startup mentoring.

Sissi graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Public Policy and Wellesley College with a B.A. in Economics with major interests in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.


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