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Sarah Stewart Johnson

Sarah Stewart Johnson


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Sarah Stewart Johnson, PhD '08, is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.

Her scientific research focuses on the evolution of planetary environments, particularly with regard to the search for life on Mars. She has created models of the early Martian atmosphere, completed field seasons in Antarctica, Australia and Madagascar, conducted research at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and worked on the NASA Science Team for the Opportunity and Spirit Mars Rovers.

Sarah also worked as a White House Fellow for the President’s Science Advisor during the first term of the Obama Administration. Just prior to joining the Georgetown faculty in 2014, she was a Junior Fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows.

She is a Goldwater, Truman, and Rhodes Scholar, and a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow. She holds a B.A. in mathematics and environmental studies from Washington University in St. Louis, a second B.A. in philosophy, politics and economics and M.Sc. in biology from Oxford University, and a Ph.D. in planetary science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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