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John Tayer

John Tayer


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John Tayer is proud to lead Boulder’s flagship business advocacy and support organization.  The Boulder Chamber’s 1,300 members represent the diversity of innovative companies and entrepreneurial enterprises that characterize Boulder’s business community.  The Boulder Chamber serves as a unified advocacy voice for this broad-based membership while also providing valuable networking, professional development and support services that help its members thrive.  Further, through the work of the Boulder Economic Council and other business development initiatives, the Boulder Chamber plays a critical role in advancing the community’s general economic interests. 

Prior to joining the Boulder Chamber, John served as Public Affairs and Communications Director for the pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Roche Colorado Corporation, and as Policy Development Director in the Boulder City Manager’s Office.  John also spent six years as the elected representative for the Boulder area to the Regional Transportation District.  A native of Brookline, Massachusetts, John earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a law degree from the University of Colorado.  In his 26th year as a Boulder resident, John now resides in South Boulder with his wife, Molly.


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