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Steve Skill

Steve Skill


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Steve has considerable experience in photobiotechnology and for 35 years has been designing and optimizing photobioreactors (PBR) for microalgal cultivation. As a Biochemist, his work began at Lancaster University investigating the transcriptomics of cell differentiation and nitrogen fixation in filamentous cyanobacteria. He then founded Blue-Green Biotech and designed an artificially illuminated PBR system powered by biogas generated electricity from the anaerobic digestion of farm wastes. Then as general manager of Biotechna Ltd, he jointly developed the Biocoil PBR design and applied this to several applications including; phyto-pharmaceutical production, algal paste production for larval feeds, waste water treatment and CO2 sequestration. Working collaboratively with Professor Bill Oswald (Berkeley), he investigated the integration of PBRs in to sewage treatment processes and in 1993 deployed the UK’s first microalgae based wastewater treatment system in collaboration with Severn Trent PLC. He has independently developed a new class of PBRs, successfully applying the systems to intensive fish farm water recycling and latterly sewage treatment. In 2006 he began working with Plymouth Marine Laboratory to apply his microalgal biotechnology expertise and proprietary PBR technology, and in 2009, Steve proposed, designed and constructed the UK’s first carbon capture based microalgal biorefinery at Boots PLC (Nottingham) employing a 16,000 litre photobioreactor directly coupled to a gas power station (£2.1M project funded by the Technology Strategy Board). In 2014 he joined Swansea University as part time Research Officer/Senior Scientist and also established Greenskill Ltd. 


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Algae Derived Ethylene Produces HDPE Algal Bioreactors: Repeat If Necessary!Oct 12, 2015


Steve Skill is supporting proposal Algae Derived Ethylene Produces HDPE Algal Bioreactors: Repeat If Necessary!Oct 12, 2015
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