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Preety Bhandari

Preety Bhandari


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Preety M. Bhandari currently leads the Climate Change Coordination and Disaster Risk Management Unit of ADB’s Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department where she is responsible for providing policy and strategic direction to ADB’s climate change program.  Prior to joining ADB, she headed the Finance, Technology and Capacity Building Program of the secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and has also worked as the Director of the Policy Analysis Division at The Energy and Resources Institute in India. She has over 27 years’ experience in environment, climate change and sustainable development work, including serving as a member of the core group on climate change, established by the Government of India to assess India’s strategy for the UN climate change negotiations. 


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Let's play the carbon out of the market!Oct 23, 2015


Preety Bhandari is supporting proposal Let's play the carbon out of the market!Oct 23, 2015
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