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Sampath Thothathri

Sampath Thothathri


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I am an inventor and CEO of M/s. Nualgi Nanobiotech manufacturer of Nanonutrients useful for aquaculture, agriculture and environment remediation. Pl see web page for more details. Our product called Nualgi Lakes helps the regeneration of diatoms in any water body. The diatoms absorb CO2 and produce O2 and food under water by photosynthesis. The oxygen produced helps aerobic bacteria break down organic pollution in water bodies.  This process can be used for global carbon sequestration and cleaning polluted water bodies. Our another product called Nualgi foliar spray when sprayed on to crops helps boost the photosynthesis of any plant. The plants become strong, and send in liquid carbon oozuates through the roots.into the soil. This helps soil microorganisms to grow and do biomining and deliver all nutrient ions back to the plant. Sustainable agriculture is possible without the addition of fossil fuel / mineral based chemical inputs.  


Nualgi - Diatom Algae for Sewage TreatmentJun 12, 2015
Nualgi - Diatom Algae - OxygenJun 12, 2015

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Urine - Diatom Algae - CarbonAug 31, 2015
Urine - Diatom Algae - CarbonAug 31, 2015


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