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Ambuj Sagar

Ambuj Sagar


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Ambuj Sagar is the Vipula and Mahesh Chaturvedi Professor of Policy Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Prof. Sagar's interests broadly lie in science and technology policy, environmental policy, and development policy, with a particular focus on the interactions between technology and society. While his current research focuses mainly on energy innovation and climate policy, he also studies, more broadly, various facets of technology innovation, environmental policy politics and processes, and engineering education and research. His recent papers have dealt with energy innovation policy and strategies (in areas such as biofuels, coal power, and automobiles), climate change policy, and capacity development for the environment. He currently is advising or consulting with various agencies of the Indian Government and with several multilateral and bilateral organizations; while in the United States, he worked with a range of private and public-sector organizations (including as a staff researcher for a major study on energy R&D for the White House). He currently is a member of the Indian Government's Expert Committee on Low-Carbon Strategies for Inclusive Growth, the U.S.-India Track-II Dialogue on Climate Change, as well as other advisory groups in the Indian Government.


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