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Rudi Ngnepi

Rudi Ngnepi


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Born in Cameroon, Rudi Ngnepi holds Bachelor and Masters of Sciences degrees from the University of Oklahoma in the USA. Rudi has 9 years of industry experience in the technology field and currently works as a Group Manager in the Global Engineering Services organization at National Instruments. With a passion for helping his fellow Africans solve local problems, Rudi co-founded a branch of National Instruments’ Planet NI program to focus specifically on Africa. This has resulted in thousands of engineers being exposed and hundreds trained in cutting-edge NI technologies. 

Additionally, Rudi is on the Board of Directors for the African Leadership Bridge, an organization providing mentorships and educational scholarships enabling emerging African leaders to attend universities in the United States and return to Africa. Graduates of this program are focused specifically on tackling the relevant issues and challenges to enhance Africa’s development.



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