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Gustya Indriani

Gustya Indriani


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Gustya is an independent consultant working on climate change, natural resource management and poverty reduction issues. Her research interests includes also sustainable development, environmental economics, governance and political economy of development. Her previous assignments required her to identify opportunities of combatting climate change through various ways, including combining both mitigation and adaptation actions in rural areas. She holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Indonesia, an MSc in Environmental Engineering from Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology (TUHH) Germany and a Master degree in Global Technology Management from Northern Institute of Technology (NIT) Germany. She was working at Oxford Policy Management Ltd. in 2012 - 2017. Gustya worked for an NGO focusing on climate change, energy and sustainable transport in 2005 – 2009, and then she joined DFID in 2009 – 2012 to work mainly on climate change as well as on disaster/humanitarian and governance projects. 


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Gustya Indriani joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 29, 2015