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Kati Wenzel

Kati Wenzel


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Kati is a biologist by training and has worked for the Ramsar Convention on the protection of wetlands and more recently for the Environment Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, specifically on the topic of air pollution, also looking into co-benefits from cross-sectoral initiatives and incentives.

Her personal thematic interests lie in natural resource management, ecosystem-based adaptation and more recently in agro-ecology. To develop these interests further she is currently considering to embark on a PhD Thesis.



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Resilient Agriculture with Hydroponic Carbon Capture (HCC)Jun 8, 2015


Kati Wenzel is supporting proposal Resilient Agriculture with Hydroponic Carbon Capture (HCC)Jun 8, 2015
Kati Wenzel joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 27, 2015