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Jesper Agrelius

Jesper Agrelius


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Currently a Master's student in Environmental science at Linköping university, Sweden.
I have a bachelor's degree in Environmental science from the same university. 

For 2016 I am a Climate CoLab Catalyst, meaning I will engage and comment on your interesting ideas in the contests. 

My main field of interest is climate change, from many angles: first and foremost the role of biogeochemical processes ​in the climate system, but also climate adaptation and mitigation, visualization and communication of climate change. I am also interested in topics such as socio-ecological systems and environmental science in general.

As a part of my science outreach interest, I write short blog posts about environmental science with focus on water issues and environmental chemistry for The Royal Society of Chemistry, which are available here.

Please visit my website or my Twitter for more information about me - or just to keep in touch!

You can also use the message function here on the portal if you want.


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Jesper Agrelius joined the Climate CoLab communityApr 15, 2015