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Harold Linde

Harold Linde


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Harold Linde is the New Media Director for The Carbon Underground. He has dedicated himself to creating new “eco-myths” using multi-platform media and innovative storytelling to demonstrate how humans live in a creatively collaborative relationship with the environment. He has worked with such organizations as International Fund for Animal Welfare, Forest Ethics, Greenpeace, TckTckTck, Rainforest Action Network, Free the Slaves, Doctors Without Borders, Peace Corps and the United Nations—as well as such film & television projects as 11th Hour, Battle in Seattle, DragonflyTV, 30 Days, and Big Ideas for a Small Planet. He is the recipient of the WorldFest Gold Special Jury Medal, Gold Medal International CINDY, New York Film & Video Gold Medal, Catalyst Gold Medal, OMNI Intermedia Bronze Medal, San Jose Film Festival Joey, TELLY, Instructional Video EarthVision Environmental Film Festival Trophy and Japan Wildlife Film Festival Message Awards. He just released an album entitled POD TUNE—involving the collaboration of 14 ambient musicians from nine countries composing music with humpback whales.


The Carbon Underground CARBON-TO-SOIL ProjectJun 13, 2015

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Harold Linde updated a proposal The Carbon Underground CARBON-TO-SOIL ProjectJun 13, 2015
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