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Linda Romanovska

Linda Romanovska


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As Policy Expert at Fresh Thoughts Consulting in the field of adaptation to climate change Linda Romanovska works extensively on the topic of adaptation to climate change in key sectors such as urban areas, energy, transport, infrastructure, water and social issues on EU, regional and local levels. Prior to joining Fresh Thoughts Linda was a member of the EU adaptation policy team in DG Climate Action of European Commission, contributing to the development of the EU Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change. During her studies for M.Sc. in Engineering (Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning) Linda has been involved in research projects revolving around adaptation to climate change, evidence-based environmental policy-making, sustainable energy planning, eco-labelling and sustainable development planning carried out at Aalborg University (Denmark), Aberystwyth University (Wales), University of Latvia (Latvia) and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Germany).


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Linda Romanovska joined the Climate CoLab communityApr 3, 2015