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Clyde Phillips Jr.

Clyde Phillips Jr.


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Main Skills:

ARM Cortex-M Firmware/RTOS, DISTI GL Studio and Replic8, JavaFX, WIN & Linux C++.

I have tech support experience, and am a founding member of Open Polywell Fusion Consortium

My career started in real-time embedded Single Board Computer (firmware) product
development for a Hardware MFG. I received a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago,
specializing in computer controlled art and video installations. I developed Target-Resident
Languages for various hardware vendors, including working on the Open Firmware Standards
that led up to today's EUFI. I learned real-time Unix and C++ at Bell Labs' Indian Hill campus.

I've also participated in the development, documentation, and integration of multi-tier
client/server systems for commercial, business, and government deployments. I have experience
with both hardware and software contract-delivery.


Teaching Fusion To The Public (On Wikipedia)Mar 9, 2015

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Teaching Fusion To The Public (On Wikipedia)Mar 30, 2015


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