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Mohammad Aatish Khan

Mohammad Aatish Khan


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Mohammad Aatish is a Fulbright Master's Fellow from India and a Master of Environmental Management student at School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University. He is focusing  on to identify successful adaptation and clean energy innovative models for/from developing countries, to deal with global climate change. 

His involvement as a Climate Finance Expert in the Yale Climate Dialogue has provided him opportunities to work with global experts in the climate finance strategies and policy domain to explore public private support for clean energy finance. Additionally, under Yale’s consulting clinic, he assessed emission reduction & energy efficiency program of New York City’s ‘PlaNYC’ and submitted a good practice case in the working group II of UNFCCC.

Furthermore, his ongoing independent study on ‘evaluation of 16 international thematic diverse projects - of worth $200 million in countries of South America, South East Asia, South Asia and Africa- to identify innovative models’ qualifies him to analyze complex problems cutting across diverse thematic areas.

He has five years of international NGO experience with consulting and leadership role. He has strengthened his skills to analyze complexities of environment and development linkages while working in 30 projects in the area of natural resource management, climate change adaptation, clean energy models and poverty alleviation. Moreover, working in projects and programs supported by multi-lateral, bi-lateral, government entities, universities and global experts he has gained extensive experience of collaborative projects in the global, regional and national scale.  

Prior to Yale, he completed Masters in Environmental Management from Indian Institute of Forest Management and developed skills in management and environmental issues, with emphasis on statistical and economic tools and techniques. Also, he has completed BE in Electronics & Communications Engineering.   


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Mohammad Aatish Khan joined the Climate CoLab communityMar 27, 2015