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Katie O'connor

Katie O'connor


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I'm currently a fellow in the System Design and Management Program at MIT.  The program combines engineering and business, and brings together students from all different engineering disciplines in a way that allows us to learn not only from our professors, but also from each other.

Before returning to school, I worked for 12 years in engineering consulting as a remediation engineer and project manager.  My projects ranged from small emergency response actions to long-standing Superfund remedial design, all focusing on addressing contamination in soil, groundwater and/or surface water.   Due to the sensitive nature of reducing risk of health impacts to human and ecosystems, these complex problems involved teams of industry clients, regulators, contractors and more.  As a result, I learned the importance of having different perspectives and a diverse team to reach the most effective outcomes.  I'm looking forward to being part of the Climate CoLab team!


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