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David Sittenfeld

David Sittenfeld


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David Sittenfeld is manager of the Forum program at the Museum of Science which engages citizens, policymakers, and scientists in conversations around emerging scientific and technological issues.  In addition to overseeing the Museum’s Forum program, David regularly gives talks on topics in current science and technology at the Museum, delivers demonstrations in the exhibit halls, leads a range of citizen science activities, and manages special programs and exhibit projects.  He is a member of the executive committee for Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology (, is a member of the program group for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (, and is a member of the outreach planning committee for the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (, having received the ACS Salute to Excellence Award in 2011.   David holds an undergraduate degree in education from Brandeis University, an M.S. in Urban and Regional Policy from Northeastern University, where he focused on environmental health and urban sustainability issues, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in environmental health and public policy.  His research focuses upon participatory community-based methods for citizen environmental health assessment and public engagement.  


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