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Amit Singh

Amit Singh


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Dr. Amit Singh is having 16 years of applying extensive (ongoing) academic training in Climate Change Adaptation, towards project design, strategy, and implementation of large-scale interventions for Climate Change mitigation and adaptation operations spanning Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Caribbean regions.

His area of expertise covers policy development and planning initiatives, technical supervision and management of renewable energy, women empowerment, livelihoods, natural resource management and resilience building program in humanitarian, transition and development contexts in Asia and Africa regions.

He has been developing climate change scenarios using advance systems, review existing environmental policies and frameworks (legal, institutional and financial), identifying mitigation and adaptation opportunities in context of general national and sectoral plans linking to national appropriateness and priorities. He has facilitated workshop series for stakeholders for development of state level National Action Programme (NAP), conducted sectoral and micro economic analysis for renewable energy in view of greenhouse gas emission and sustainable development goals as well as presented detailed, insightful and forward looking analysis to stakeholders.


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Amit Singh joined the Climate CoLab communityOct 10, 2014