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Larry Schweiger

Larry Schweiger


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Larry is a public speaker, writer and photographer. He authored "Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth" an award winning book on climate change and its impact on nature. He is a Past President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Wildlife Federation. During Larry’s tenure, the National Wildlife Federation became a leading voice warning of the many threats caused by a rapidly warming world and urging the administration and Congress to act on carbon pollution. Larry also worked closely with Vice President Al Gore to equip climate leaders and to foster a greater understanding of the urgency of climate change.

Larry was the President of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. During Larry’s tenure, the WPC created watershed technical center. Schweiger was instrumental in the creation of Erie Buffs State Park and for permanently protecting the first private forest land conservation reserve  on a 11,000-acre H.J. Crawford Reserve. WPC executed a $12.5 million capital campaign for Fallingwater and completed a structural stabilization and preservation plan to further preserve architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

Schweiger was publisher of the National Wildlife Federation’s four ward-winning magazines National Wildlife, International Wildlife, Your Big Back Yard and Ranger Rick with a combined circulation of over 3 million. Before becoming publisher, Schweiger served as the Senior Vice President for Constituent Development and Conservation Action. Larry worked with the late Senator John Heinz to pass acid rain controls in the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments using a novel cap and trade approach.

Schweiger headed the Pennsylvania Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control Conservation Committee and was involved in the passage of 28 conservation statutes and served on the Select House Committee investigating the 3-mile Island nuclear accident, He also worked for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation as 1st Vice President.



Make Climate a Top Priority for Action by Every Global Citizen and OrganizationSep 23, 2015
Supportive Network for Implementing the Global Climate Action PlanJan 24, 2016

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A Carbon Negative Infrastructure and Economy: A Systems Design/Mngmt ApproachDec 11, 2015
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