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Shuichi Iwata

Shuichi Iwata


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Born on January 29, 1948, Doctor of Engineering.Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo, Editor-in-Chief of Data Science Journal/CODATA, Member of Engineering Academy of Japan, Member of Science Council of Japan. Published about 300 scientific papers including two Editorials of Science and got awards in materials, informatics and bio-informatics. Coordinator of Linus Pauling File Project, Project Leader for Virtual Experiments for Materials Design. President of CODATA/ICSU(2002-2006).


"Save the Baby"
  Global Data Commons for Baby CareJul 12, 2014

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Baja Sustainable DevelopmentAug 31, 2015
Integrated flood prevention and management in rural areas of the Amazon basinJan 7, 2018


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Shuichi Iwata updated a proposal "Save the Baby"
  Global Data Commons for Baby CareSep 30, 2014
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