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Krishna Kaphle

Krishna Kaphle


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Short Bio:

"Krishna Kaphle is a professional with multiple roles and expertise. He served as an Associate Professor and Sports Coach for a public Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science in Nepal for over 16 years.  

In Edmonton, Canada he is involved with roles in volunteering for Wildlife Rehabilitation Society Edmonton and Second Chance Animal Rehabilitation Society, Edmonton. His past involvement were with the Canadian Bioethics Society, Canadian Hunger Foundation and The Home Depot in various capacities. 

This veterinary graduate and PhD holder in Animal Science and Technology from National Taiwan University is widely travelled and can speak ten languages. He has also obtained Leadership in Green Health Care Certification from the Teleosis Institute, USA. He is a researcher of sustainable animal production and a keen activist of sustainability, reduce waste and recycle geek and with over fifty publication to his credit and over ten scientific papers in peer reviewed journals. He has worked in the feed and meat industry in Nepal and was instrumental in shaping its current share of the national GDP and the industry shape of the poultry and dairy sector. He is into sustainability and healthy aging initiatives. 

He sees anthropogenic factor as the major contributor to Global ills and the solution lies in "managing our collective greed to ensure sustainable harvesting of our needs". 

He is updated with latest developments and emerging ideas in the field of animal science and sustainability. He is interested in Complementary Alternative Medicine and a keen reviewer, recipient of the best reviewer in Pharmacology section from the Elsevier for the year 2010.


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ECOSAN plan: getting dual benefits of recycling nutrients and water conservationJul 20, 2014


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