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Mairead Ahern

Mairead Ahern


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Hello my name is Mairead I am an industrial designer by trade, and have studied various forms of design, engineering, and business in different universities and institutions over the last number of years; including work experience in Architecture, Design, and Research & Development. I have received three awards for my inventions so far-

  • Second place in the Irish ‘James Dyson Awards’, 2009 - water and energy saving, multi-functional all-in-one shower unit.
  • Second place in ‘Miele’ German appliance manufacturers ‘kitchens of the future’ design competition, 2007. – ‘Life Cycle’ – dual drum energy efficient washer/dryer.
  • First place in ‘Opel’ car manufacturer’s ‘creativity that works’ design competition, 2006. ‘3-Pod’- anthropomorphic, fun and compact power inverter for charging a wide range of products on the go, powered using excess energy from the vehicles engine.


I am currently studying for a Masters in International Entrepreneurship Management, at the Kemmy Business School, in the University of Limerick; here in Ireland, with the intention of starting my own business in sustainable design thinking to bring some of these ideas to market.

I am a massive advocator of sustainability in all regards from product design to the built environment. Moving forward in a sustainable manner provides multiple benefits; not just in terms of the obvious positive, environmental, social, and ethical benefits, but also in future economic, financial, and business arenas. I feel that a lot more can be done in terms of designing products, appliances, and buildings that are:

  • more sustainable
  • energy/water conserving
  • built to last
  • are recyclable/use recycled materials
  • employ the use of materials/ manufacturing processes which have the lowest possible embedded energies/CO2 footprints
  • responsibly designed


I am delighted to have been introduced to the MIT Climate Co Lab by a business mentor, and am looking forward to putting forward some of my ideas and interacting with like minded people. 


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