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Ajay Revels

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Ajay Revels is a strategic design researcher and independent user experience (UX) consultant.

She has 14 years of expertise in planning and leading fieldwork to uncover business and customer insights for Fortune 500 firms and startups in financial services, healthcare & entertainment. She translates customer insights into multi-channel digital strategies and on-screen designs that connect mobile, web and service touch points into holistic experiences. Her studies take place within settings as diverse as hedge funds, universities, hospitals, stock trading floors, comic conventions, news rooms and private homes in the US, the UK, and Japan.

As a UX consultant for Razorfish, HUGE, Adaptive Path and Flow Interactive, Ajay has delivered user insights & design strategies for clients such as CNN, Boston Scientific, Merrill Lynch, MTV, Lionsgate Films, Center for Foreign Relations and TD Ameritrade.

Educated in biological systems, anthropology and product design, Ajay integrates systems thinking, ethnographic techniques, process mapping and design methods to create products that people love to use.

Ajay is a member of BayCHI, the Society for the Anthropology of Work and is based in New York City. To learn more visit politemachines, or her LinkedIn profile.



iCarbon helps users discover the GHG emissions of businesses and campaigns.Jun 22, 2014
iCarbon shows you how to lower your personal carbon footprint.Jul 20, 2014

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Ajay Revels updated a proposal iCarbon helps users discover the GHG emissions of businesses and campaigns.Aug 16, 2014