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Michel Saini

Michel Saini


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Arbio is committed to take actions to preserve the rainforest of the region of Madre de Dios, in the peruvian amazon.
Our goal is to allow the coexistence of the forest with the local populations and the Inter-Oceanic highway. We are not against the construction of the road,which offers many opportunities for development, but seek for a sustainable development in which the construction of the highway is not equivalent to the destruction of the forest and the biodiversity it maintains. We will succeed through various strategies, detailed in our project.


Analog forestry: productive conservation to fight deforestation in the AmazonJul 16, 2014

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ReForestAug 31, 2015
Integrated flood prevention and management in rural areas of the Amazon basinJan 7, 2018


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Michel Saini joined the Climate CoLab communityJul 16, 2014