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Steve Przesmitzki

Steve Przesmitzki


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Steve Przesmitzki is currently the team leader for Strategic Fuel and Engine Transport Studies at The Aramco Research Center - Detroit.  His current responsibility is to coordinate life-cycle analysis, linear programming (refinery processes), and techno-economic analysis to support research programs on fuel and engine technologies.  Steve also conducts outreach and engagement activities to stay informed of the latest industry trends and enhance Aramco’s presence in the research community.  Steve Joined Aramco in April 2014

Steve was previously a Technology Development Manager within the United States Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Program for 5 years.  Steve’s responsibility was to support the development of energy policy and management of research programs as applied to fuels and lubricants in transportation. 

Steve’s prior work experience includes 2 years as a project manager for DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and 14 years in vehicle powertrain design and development at Ford Motor Company.  While at Ford, he spent significant time developing powertrains for flexible-fuel vehicles as well as developing on-board diagnostic systems.  Steve was awarded the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Myers Award and the SAE Lubrication Award in 2008 for his work on lubricating oil transport throughout the piston ring pack of internal combustion engines.

Steve holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a MS from the University of Michigan, and a BS from Kettering University; all in Mechanical Engineering.  He is also registered as a Professional Engineer in Michigan.


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