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Samuel Brinton

Samuel Brinton


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Samuel recently completed a dual graduate degree program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Nuclear Engineering and the Technology and Policy Program. He is a graduate from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering and a B.A. in Vocal Music Performance and a minor in Chinese Language. His research interests are concentrated on nuclear fuel cycle system analysis with subtopics of interest including fuel cycle economics and dry cask nuclear waste storage analysis.Samuel has had internships at Harvard Kennedy School, Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, and Dow Chemical Company in various projects relating to nuclear fuel cycle research and dynamic systems analysis. 

Samuel's activism stretches from nuclear engineering education serving as the Student Director of the American Nuclear Society Board of Directors to ending conversion therapy across the country by speaking as a survivor of its horrors. From co-founding the NuclearPride organization to build an LGBT community in the nuclear science and engineering field to creating the Stand With Science campaign which united 10,000 students and allies from across the country to advocate for federal science and engineering research funding, Samuel is always ready to build a space for conversation. When not walking the halls of Congress on a quest, Sam enjoys watching the K-State Wildcats and running along the Charles River on a sunny day in Boston.


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Nuclear Energy = Clean EnergyJul 1, 2014


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