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Andrea Papola

Andrea Papola


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Andrea Papola is associate professor of “Methods and applications for transportation system engineering” at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dei Trasporti  of the University of Naples “Federico II”.

He holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from the University of Napoli. His research themes focus mainly on models and methods for passenger and freight simulation, on the development of advanced discrete choice models and of methods for effective o-d matrix estimation/correction. He is also expert of survey design and model estimation on the basis of both RP (revealead preferences) and SP (stated preferences) data.

He has been in charge of modelling and management activities in several European funded projects like Aiuto, Expedite, Poet, Reports Medocc, Mobilmed, Freemed, Westmos, Mosmedia, Medigate, ItalMed, ItalBalk etc.

He also works as consultant both for public companies like like the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, ACAM (Agenzia Campana per la mobilità sostenibile), Logica (Agenzia per la Logistica Campana), Ente Autonomo Volturno (holding of Campania Region for Transport), Campania Region, etc. and for private companies like Gesac BA, SPEA Ingegneria Europa, SAM (Società Autostrade Meridionali), ACI (Automobile Club Italia), etc.

Amongst developed projects, he has been in charge of implementing several decision support systems related to both passenger and freight transport systems and both at a national and regional level. He also carried out several feasibility studies for new infrastructures and services appraisal.


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