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Robert Castellino

Robert Castellino


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Founder and CEO of Climate Colorado. Mission Statement Our mission is to centralize all Colorado efforts, strategically focus all efforts, and track on their accomplishments city-by-city, county-by-county and district-by-district across the entire state towards our specific goals. Project Summary Goals and objectives.. The first goal is to launch a collaborative strategic program to educate and take action to eliminate our dependency on coal, gas and oil, by making THE SWITCH to renewable clean energy sources. Second goal: To create energy efficiency programs to preserve energy and water and the diversity of our natural resources. Third Goal: To create an online portal to train and focus local resources to educate, enact new ordinances and legislature, and open markets for existing technology to integrate and emerge. "The Effects of Climate Change on Colorado" is multi-media presentation developed by Bob Castellino with a the help of many scientists, activists, business leaders, professional educators and concerned citizens who make their home in Colorado. It's packed with facts, examples, adjunct videos, visual illustrations and photographic comparisons. The presentation has been designed to reach a range of audiences from citizen groups, businesses, students, churches and policy makers. It covers 5 main areas of concern: 1) Global Climate Change and how it relates to Colorado, 2) Steps and Actions anyone can take to help in halting climate change in Colorado, 3) The drivers or forces affecting climate change in Colorado, and 4) the impacts and outcomes of climate change affecting us today in Colorado. The audience takes away a set of tools to reduce their carbon footprint and become a net-zero energy consumer, how to eliminate and minimize solid waste, and how to engage in the fight to stop burning fossil fuels as members of Climate Colorado.


Make Climate a Top Priority for Action by Every Global Citizen and OrganizationSep 23, 2015
Supportive Network for Implementing the Global Climate Action PlanJan 24, 2016

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A Carbon Negative Infrastructure and Economy: A Systems Design/Mngmt ApproachDec 11, 2015
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Climate Change is Elementary: Huge Green Fundraiser for SchoolsJun 25, 2014


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