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Ariana Sutton-grier

Ariana Sutton-grier


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Dr. Ariana Sutton-Grier is an ecosystem ecologist with over a dozen years of research experience in wetland ecology and restoration, biogeochemistry, and microbial community dynamics.   She holds Bachelors degrees from Oregon State University in Environmental Science and International Studies and a doctoral degree from Duke University in Ecology.  Her doctoral research focused on the impacts of different wetland restoration strategies on ecosystem function, particularly nutrient removal.  Dr. Sutton-Grier was also a Smithsonian Fellow for two years studying how plants influence microbial competition for resources in tidal wetlands.  Her research has been published in many ecological journals and featured in several news stories, as well as a children’s science TV show.

Dr. Sutton-Grier has worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) since 2010, using science to support policy and decision making. She iniatially was a AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the National Marine Fisheries Service at NOAA (2010-2012).  Now she is an Environmental Scientist with the National Ocean Service at NOAA working to use the benefits healthy coastal ecosystems provide (including carbon sequestration and storage, and storm protection benefits) to leverage more coastal ecosystem conservation.   Versed in ecosystem services, Dr. Sutton-Grier finds it particularly rewarding to discover exciting, innovative opportunities at the confluence of science and policy that can help solve environmental problems and promote ecosystem conservation.


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Ariana Sutton-grier joined the Climate CoLab communityJun 2, 2014