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Lingaraj Jayaprakash

Lingaraj Jayaprakash


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I am interested in understanding the complexity arising from interactions between nature and society as humanity adapts simultaneously to a number of challenges including: climate, finance, and politics. I have a research experience of 5.5 years working at science-policy-community interface in different vulnerability contexts specifically on designing sustainable adaptation interventions to climate change. I have been working on studies on climate change impact assessments in sectors of agriculture/water/coastal zones, vulnerability assessments, economics of climate change, ICTs for climate adaptation, Cities and Climate change amongst others. Other than my research activities, I have been extensively involved in proposal development and designing, training and capacity building modules on climate change. 

I have a triple majors bachelors degree in Economics, History and Political Science and an inter-disciplinary masters degree in Water Resources Management. 


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Lingaraj Jayaprakash joined the Climate CoLab communityFeb 20, 2014