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Rosemary Jones

Rosemary Jones


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'If you won't stand up for the countryside, who will ?' was the caption of a Friends of the Earth poster in the office where I worked in East Anglia - UK, many years ago, and the inspiration for slide talks on all environmental issues I gave to schools, colleges of further education and universities in the London area, that is up until 2000 when I coordinated an environmental and mental health charity, which built an ecocentre for local people, set up the first street leaf and estate composting facilities and became internationally renowned for neighbourhood care.

The Charity also hosted London's first Permaculture Design Courses, teaching us to look more closely, design more appropriately and reflect on the important principles - everything recycles, and every problem contains or points to the solution of another problem.

Now, the climate crisis requires even more perseverance because we are sleepwalking towards chaos due to the misinformation about what is causing what.

Somehow, those responsible for environmental security are incapable of seeing that if a large percentage of the planet's reflective surfaces are eradicated then the reflection of sunlight is reduced so that heat energy stays within the biosphere rather than being reflected back out as it used to be.

This turn of events is compounded by even more of the reflected sunlight being prevented from leaving due to excess CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the higher atmospheres, and therefore both these factors need attending to simultaneously.

Introducing and installing geo-engineering reflective and shading mechanisms is essential in 2014. Ignoring it is criminal.  


Climate.Dec 28, 2013

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