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Loree Arrington

Loree Arrington


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Ion Power Group is a R&D company awarded international patents for a remarkable
power technology that harvests naturally occurring electrically charged ions in the Earth’s atmosphere to produce clean, environmentally friendly, renewable electricity. MissionTo improve the human condition by constructing the world's first experimental Ion Power Plant as a world wide showcase demonstrating how mankind can produce clean electric power and hydrogen gas by harvesting the electric charge of naturally occurring near-earth ions from the air. To propagate this earth-friendly power technology across the world through technology licenses issued to Governments, power companies, energy co-ops, hydrogen gas producers, the automobile industry, solar and wind industries, and space faring organizations with special consideration to impoverished & developing countries. To make the Earth a cleaner, better place to live for everybody.


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Nicaragua: Carbon Sink, Economic Driver & Medicinal Plant PreservationSep 7, 2013


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