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William Penn

William Penn


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Managing Partner of the Rhode Island Farm and Food Fund LLC. This Fund is dedicated to providing education, skills and capital to Rhode Island food producing farmers and food processors so, as entrepreneurs, they may become economically and environmentally self-sufficient and sustainable. The Fund is purchasing rural and urban farmland and will long term lease these to farmers and processors with an option purchase.

Principal of the Environmental Financial Advisor LLC (, an independent consulting firm which provides financial advisory services to nonprofit organizations, businesses and governments on Brownfields and renewable energy finance issues. The firm is a member of the Brownfields Coalition of Northeast (BCONE). Current client is Self- Powered Communities, Prague, Czech Republic, EU, an International Consulting Team that developed an economic and environmental development project to be presented to “The 2013 International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Technologies” in Manila, Philippines in October 2103. The project proposes establishing distributed electric utilities in rural Philippines using renewable energy sources to generate the electricity and a Revolving Loan Fund to finance the utilities.


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William Penn updated a proposal Building consensus, enabling adaptation: facilitating collective risk managementAug 8, 2013