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Warren Linney

Warren Linney


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We are alumni of Stanford with Graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering (Bob Chaudhuri), Anthropology (Ph.d) (Miguel) and Education (Warren Linney) and are concerned about climate change.  

We have started a non-profit council ( of scientists, engineers, etc. to evaluate the various breakthrough technologies (Bio-char, Algae, Mineralization, etc.) for removing carbon from the atmosphere.  The goal is to prioritize the technologies for assistance and funding.  We are looking to affiliate with large institutions.The ranking would be based on cost and scalability, i.e. how much time and money to scale and the cost per ton of carbon displaced or removed. We developed and are part owners of a 6 MW biomass plant located near Redding, CA that runs on ag waste.


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Climate Access Network of leaders building public will for climate action.Jun 24, 2013


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