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Madgie Murray

Madgie Murray


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I know what it’s like to live in blackout, with kerosene lamps, candles and flashlights, and what it’s like to be a Mother, you want to give your all to your kids, you want to make the best of them, you want to make sure their wishes and dreams come true, you want your kids living a quality life, it is the best feeling in the world to see a bright smile on your kids face. We need to be able to educate our kids, read for our kids, be able to talk to our family when we want to, no source of light or a powered cell phone is no longer allowed due to lack of power grid, missing our power cord, missing our car chargers, or the natural mist involve in a disaster like storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, I want to make sure your day gets easier, I provide simple power, a power system that won’t fail you but fill in your everyday needs.  I grew up in Haiti I know what hardships with no power create in our life, it’s just scary, it affects our emotions, it affects our quality of life, it affects our education. Every mother needs light and communications. As many people have personal cell phones and personal computers, Soleilmicro provides a Personal Energy Server so mothers can have solar power lights and cell phone charging. This small solar collector and battery charger is so low cost that American homes can use them to replace emergency candles and flashlight. In a developing nation, camping or in the mist of disaster, mothers can communicate, teach and comfort their children.


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