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Dave Kramer

Dave Kramer


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As Senior Manager for Impact, Learning, & Innovation, my central responsibilities include establishing and coordinating EcoLogic's monitoring and evaluation systems; identifying pilot projects for select new activities and programs; connecting internal learning with the actualization of externally applied knowledge and practice; and coordinating EcoLogic's participation in strategic partnerships and alliances. I am one of four members of EcoLogic's leadership team. Prior to joining EcoLogic, I taught for Citizen Schools, an awesome nonprofit based in Boston; developed curriculum guides for the film company, Walden Media; and also worked as a classroom and outdoor educator for several years in Cali, Colombia. I earned a master';s in public policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard University, a certificate in outdoor leadership from Greenfield Community College, and a BA in English from Dartmouth College. He is a Switzer Environmental Fellow and is also fluent in Spanish. Aside from all of that, the best things in life are playing with my awesome kids and dogs, getting outdoors, and swimming. I particularly dig running and biking on backcountry trails, walking my old dog, and swimming in open water, where I meditate in motion and tend to get some of my best ideas.


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Community-Led Protection Against Climate Change-Induced Water ShortagesJun 13, 2013
Alley-Cropping with Inga edulis: A Promising Alternative to Slash-and-BurnJun 13, 2013


Dave Kramer updated a proposal Community-Led Protection Against Climate Change-Induced Water ShortagesAug 1, 2013
Dave Kramer updated a proposal Alley-Cropping with Inga edulis: A Promising Alternative to Slash-and-BurnAug 1, 2013