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Peter Jordaan

Peter Jordaan


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Hi, I am a SMME company. we have developed technolgy to use in ithe ocean and a river. I have patents on all of our products. our website is . Our river technology would be very useful in all countries you support. It can manage a variable flow of water yet still produce power. It can be a stand alone or form part of the grid. All river plants can vary from 12 kw to 6MW depnds on water flow and engineered fall - up to 30m. The products have been developed with local university. Final test of turbine is to be done this month. Would you support such a program in your fund? to test of to implement after test?

Please let me know. Thanks Peter


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Fish River River Hydro SchemeJul 17, 2013
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Peter Jordaan updated a proposal Fish River River Hydro SchemeAug 27, 2013