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Mohammad Shahini

Mohammad Shahini


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Mohammad Shahini has more than 10 years of experience providing consulting services to industrial plants. He has experience in energy conservation planning and project implementation used to support mostly the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. His work is to evaluate energy use in processes and equipment, including measurement and verification techniques, development of energy conservation measures, and impact analysis of energy conservation measures.

His other activities have included energy efficiency evaluations to the requirements of the ISO 50001, detailed energy auditing, developing auditing software, heat integration, water and wastewater minimization, and steam demand minimization in both sectors of upstream and downstream of the petroleum industry. Additionally, Mr. Shahini authored the book entitled “Flare Gas Management” for petroleum industry, which discussed the flare gas reduction technology and several research papers. He also holds a Professional Engineer (P.E.) title from the State of California.


Zero Energy Cost Steam-Condensers (Proposal 1001611)Mar 29, 2013

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