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Elizabeth Marcello

Elizabeth Marcello


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Liz lives in New York City where she splits her time between working as a policy research consultant and a magician at local bike shop.  Previously, Liz worked for many years as a project manager at the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University's Earth Institute, where she contributed to participatory action research projects aimed at encouraging citizen participation in land use and transportation planning processes in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, Kenya. Originally from Louisiana, Liz holds a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), where she graduated in 2010 with a concentration in urban policy. Liz also holds a BA in environmental studies from UC-Santa Cruz and a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Portland State University in Oregon. In her spare time, Liz races her bike with the Century Road Club Association (CRCA), one of the oldest and largest bicycle racing organizations in the country, and serves as Vice President of Racing on its board of directors.


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Smart Mobility for the 21st CenturyJun 21, 2013
Closing the biofuel cycleJun 21, 2013
Revival of small-scale sail transportJun 21, 2013
You can only manage (and reduce) what you can measureJul 13, 2014


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