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Dr. Alexander Aylett

Dr. Alexander Aylett


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I work on how we can make cities more sustainable. I believe in a future where instead of just having less of a negative impact, cities will play a vital role in maintaining and rebuilding our natural systems. All while being thriving, safe, and inspiring places to live. To get there (and avoid the catastrophic alternatives) I research how we can accelerate large-scale sustainability transitions within cities, and what we can do to enhance urban processes of innovation and change.

I'm a Professor of Urban Sustainability Governance and Innovation at the INRS University in Montreal. I work with community groups, businesses, municipal governments, city networks like the FCM and ICLEI, and international organizations like UN-Habitat. I am also the founder and co-director of ecoHackMTL.


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EE-based FormalizationNov 1, 2012
0% APR Financing on Green BuildingsNov 1, 2012
Plant a tree.Nov 1, 2012
Poorest FirstNov 1, 2012
Bottom up mechanism for reducing urban emissionsNov 1, 2012


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