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Daimond Star

Mar 22, 2021


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Nexcess is a large hosting company based in Michigan. They have multiple data centers, two in Michigan, one in California, one in Miami, one in the UK, and one in Australia. This helps them attract customers from all over the world and serve web traffic quickly no matter where the target users are.

They didn't really give much information about the company itself , other than that it was founded out of the founder's garage and grew rapidly. Based on their Facebook page, they've been in business since at least 2010, but probably a little longer. They offer a range of pleasant services to their customers, and while there are some complaints, most people seem to be quite happy.

They offer most types of hosting options, but seem to be focusing their marketing efforts on small to medium sized businesses. Overall, it looks like a good hosting option.

Quality Hosting
The quality of their datacenters and hardware is pretty good, so you're unlikely to experience any downtime. Plus, if you opt for a higher tier hosting option, you can get additional redundancy and even redundant servers to further mitigate the risk.

There have been several users on their social media pages and elsewhere who have complained about downtime caused by changes made by Nexcess, but this is often inevitable for any hosting company. Most of the user reviews have been very positive, especially when it comes to reliability.

All the standard features you would expect
The capabilities of this company are all quite standard. They do have disk space and bandwidth limits, but no matter which hosting option you choose, they are pretty generous, so this is unlikely to be an issue. They limit the number of mail accounts you can have on shared servers, which is undesirable as more addresses may be required if you want to use them for a company.

Nexcess offers free site migrations from other hosting providers, a 30-day money-back guarantee for their shared hosting solutions, and more.