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Ceramics in environmental health and development

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A. Reid Harvey

Aug 5, 2019


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In the developing world the two most apparent problems of environmental health concern pathogen contaminated water and air pollution around cook stoves.  Thousands die daily as a result of drinking water that is not safe and smoke and fumes around cook stoves.  The article of the following link goes into detail, noting further information at sub links:

Ceramics in development becomes a clear possibility through pursuit of the kinds of ceramic processes described.  The article of the link notes a possibility of micro-scale industrial development, involving additionally the fabrication of a small series of books:  Build a Machine Shop from Scrap.  Melting aluminum soft drink cans, for example, then casting the metal into the parts of the machine shop such possibilities are made apparent. 

Ceramic processes will improve upon those indicated in the series.  For example, the aluminum parts of the machine shop can be reproduced repeatedly using ceramic molds in preference to the green sand molds which fall apart after each casting.