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Fight against global warming

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Rupendra Singhal

Oct 4, 2017


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Now a days everybody is talking about the global warming and environment pollution but nobody is taking initiative to prevent it, in fact most of the people wants to participate but they are not getting the right platform for this. There is only way to prevent global warming is plantation. As we all know the importance of plantation that it will prevent the global warming as well as decrease the pollution level. So we need to get  join the interested people not only digitally but on the ground level and work as a team because it can’t be possible by individual efforts so come together(physically) to fight against global warming.                                                                                            #livegreen

Pia Jensen

Oct 5, 2017


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Hi Rupendra, it may appear that "nobody is taking initiative to prevent " global warming (actually climate change), but there are people planting trees for carbon capture, pollution trapping, water trapping and food production. Permaculturalists use practices and techniques that directly address climate change issues. I think the most interesting activities are the creation of swales and berms and the greening of the deserts.

I use swales and berms to manage flood water around my house and my house no longer floods during heavy rain.

How To Use Swales & Berms To Create Water Retention Landscapes
My permaculture swale and berm

TED: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

You are not alone and you might find some permaculture folks in your region....

Gentry Demchak

Aug 2, 2019


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ethiopia just planted roughly 350 million in a day, breaking a record in how many trees were planted in a single day! People and countries are finally starting to wake up to climate change and taking action. Each individual must do their part.

Ait Hamou Abderrahmane

Aug 19, 2019


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Thank you Gentry

Excellent Ethiopian  initiative, Algerians have just launched the appeal to the inhabitants to plant a tree per capita. A total of about 35 million trees will have to be planted hopefully.
In Morocco, my country, we have the Green Morocco Plan which is a national project focused on the conversion of rainfed farming zones to arboriculture.

here is the poster of the Algerian call (in Arabic)

Andy Kadir-buxton

Apr 16, 2020


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In the early 1980s I came up with the world's first self-funding near-zero CO2 plan, no major economy had adopted such a plan as yet. To summarize:


A 10 kilometre deep lined and capped water well can convert all power stations to clean energy, a cut of 30% in CO2 emissions. A 20% cut would come from electrification of all vehicles. 41% would come from coating all buildings in Starlite. Aircraft and Ships could halve emissions by using fuel mixed with water using an ultrasonic dibber. Aircraft account for 6% of CO2, while shipping accounts for 4.5%, so another 5.25% can be saved. The total savings would then be 96.25%. Improving soil using biochar would then cut CO2 in the atmosphere by locking it in the ground.

Cement based on magnesium silicates, not only requires much less heating, it also absorbs large amounts of CO2 as it hardens, making it carbon negative. 

It can all be paid for by eliminating mental illness using the Kadir-Buxton Method.


Biochar is an ancient invention being found by archaeologists that locks atmospheric CO2 in the soil for thousands of years, a by-product of it's soil improving function. I hope that these pages are inspiring enough to you for you to campaign on these issues.


For further information please see: