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Rethink for Impact - envisioning an online course to enable behavior shift

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Ralf Lippold

Aug 11, 2017


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Dear all, I have lately found myself in a double role, as a catalyst and an active participant, making collective intelligence a bit more realistic. After some consideration, I have entered with a proposal as well in the current competitions. By a timely coincidence, I got invited to a MOOC "Creating Digital Learning Experience" (by Novoed, a Stanford spin-off in the online learning world). Now I have created the first draft of a module part (as part of an upcoming assessment) on Prezi which I'd like to share.

Please let me know what you think of it. Comments. Thoughts. Critic. - especially on ways to scale it and make it practical elsewhere.

Anything is welcome. Thanks a lot for your time and effort!!! In case the topic is of interest to you please consider supporting the proposal, join the team (it is just me for the moment I have to admit).

Thank you very much and best regards from Dresden, Saxony