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Johnnie Buttram

Jun 2, 2017


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Due to the increasing events involving domestic and worldwide security issues, it seems that global leaders are becoming more and more concerned the support we need to move the Paris Agreement forward to reduce the impacts of climate change will be replaced by the emphasis to fund our global security dilemma. Climate Co Lab has the platform and collective skill-sets that could help provide our global leadership with tangible options for solutions that may strengthen international coalitions and alliances. Using as one simple example; What if those countries who owe money to the NATO alliance . . instead . . pay those funds to jump-start and strengthen the global response to climate change of the Paris Agreement? Perhaps negotiations, may help solidify both ends of the security and climate change spectrum. Our leaders must strive to somehow keep our coalitions and alliances together where Planet Earth has the opportunity to move forward. Johnnie Buttram

Grace Mwaura

Jul 26, 2017


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Completely agree that there is need for action to come from different other actors. Power is not with one or two actors, but every actors does have power. As such the Climate Co Lab is essentially exercising its power of creative ways of collaborating beyond the walls created by domestic and global security issues. There is however need for us to talk about this more often and infuse it into public conversations to inspire hope to those who might be loosing it given the decisions some of our national leaders are making. 

Johnnie Buttram

Sep 20, 2017


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Dear Grace Mwaura,                   Sept. 19, 2017

Yesterdays - UN address by American President, Donald Trump, reinforced your astute assessment that need for positive action should come from every actor if we are to solidify both ends of the security and climate spectrum. 

The media has the power and burden to infuse domestic and global security issues into those conversations that may help us find the pathways to better understanding.

Grace, your insight is to be applauded.

                                                                                           Johnnie Buttram