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Angelo Peterson

Jan 25, 2017


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I think the honest question should be how are we going to cool off the oceans now that we've stopped all the rivers by damming them for electrical power and water.?? The snow and ice run off would cool and bring the ocean nutrients? -- Phyto plankton need cold surface water to breed, and live. The earth's only hope of converting carbon gases to oxygen, as it is responsible for feeding all ocean life. -- Not to mention carbon gases are at their highest point in millions of years. Ocean acidity 30% higher than we have ever known. -- And animal species created to balance a perfect ecology billions of years in the making. and we have fucked it all up. --- and continue to do so with no plan in sight of when or how the destruction will stop. -- Jesus???? -- they killed him and ignored him before? Right? -- I truly hate ignorant people who just close their eyes on the future of humanity, ?? their own children?? and like sheep continue leading me and my mine like sheep to a slaughter. -- Destroying the children's inheritance, and ignorantly allowing and supporting it, despite the fact the constitution promises that we see to the needs of Posterity. --- Broken homes, illiterate, ignorant, addict parents, or people that work their lives away and turn their children over to the school system which does not educate them out of encyclopedias, Thesauruses, and 1001 Greatest Quotes, to begin their lives with a well rounded education. -- Instead ignorance of what all makes up reality, and why reality is not what it should be. For what reality should be is what the truth is, and what was meant to be according to God. -- Educated Narcissists who spend their lives in a single subject. Egomaniacs hiding in their memorization of knowledge, idiots with degrees that control the world with a diploma that doesn't prove they think so swell. --- Entitled Rich pricks in control of the economy and thus control government and Big Business. ( Oil, and Chemical, and pharmaceutical, and food production, (they own all the land) and food processing, and insurance companies, and hospitals, and education, and doctors, and politicians, -- And politicians own your tax dollars and the Law, -- And lawyers, and prisons, and jails, and police. and courts, and psychiatrists, and clerks, and counselors, and taxes, and fines, and fees. And permits, and the land, and the water, and the air quality. --- Lying as it suits them, like Cheney lying about Iraq having nuclear material, causing the Gulf invasion, as his company, Halliburton was paid with the tax base, 39.9 billion dollars, sent to Dubai to avoid taxation, for replacing bombs and equipment used to invade a country based on his lie. -- Or how about that Dick Cheney's company Halliburton makes Billions as they own the patent on "Fracking". Cheney then passed a law to exempt fracking companies from the clean water act. -- Further, Fracking is poisoning ground water, as these dummies build pipelines over and under rivers that leak, and are terrorist targets in order to destroy drinking water to so many places. 100's of Millions would be without water and food for a long time. -- Further, Monsanto the creators of DDT, and Agent Orange, has been selling sterile seeds for so many years that few "regular farmers" even have seed to grow. --- The oceans poisoned with radiation, the water with lead and oil, and aluminum, and mercury, and round up herbicide, and pesticides, and GMO foods, Heavy metals in the medications. -- and fluoride in the water and bromide in the food to displace Iodine in the body, creating autism and Alzheimer's as they connect to aluminium and carry it across the brain/blood barrier. And these are corrupting the thyroid hormones, to make you sick, and kill you early, --- and methane, and CFC's, and chem trails, and HARP -- And a melting icecap that is going to unbalance pressures on the earth, causing earthquakes and volcanic activity, as it has every other time that ice cap has melted. (I believe we've had 7 major extinctions, all a result of the ice cap melting) -- (And the creators of the meteorite theory as the cause of the dinosaurs disappearance at the K/T border, retracted their theory in case you didn't know) -- And??? Ignorance. And Sex, and Work, and TV, and computers, and cars, music, and sports, and gossip, and addictions, and ???????? as the population ignorantly and indifferently seek there own desires. --- As you send your children to a school system understaffed, under funded, with a deceptive curriculum, designed to engraft your mind and body into this ignorant, indifferent slave society. --- And diagnosing the smart kids with ADD and giving them the psychotropic drug Ritalin, to divide the frontal lobes of the brain from communication. Causing the atrophying of the frontal lobes, as Ritalin is used to dumb people down. -- Then I read a study where they (doctors) have taken brain scans on long term ADD people, and have found the frontal lobes shrunken. There conclusion was written stating that -- "the atrophied frontal lobes must be the cause of ADD" - Thus justifying the continued practice and issuance of Ritalin to the smartest people, as only these might track the owners of this world down. And expose their deceptions and lies.