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Fund$ available to implement great ideas in Pennsylvania (USA)

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Ben Towne

Feb 4, 2016


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If you know of or think of a project that "impacts one or more of the three pillars of sustainable energy: renewable energy, energy efficiency, or energy conservation," and would like some money to implement the idea, the Sustainable Energy Fund is having a contest with $160K grant money available (and potentially more in loans through their other programs) at The sponsor is particularly interested in having an impact in PA. Grants are available to support businesses (which do not need to be formally incorporated yet) and/or community projects, especially smaller-budget high-impact projects. The base of the idea could come from anywhere. The submission deadline is May 3. Presentations will be at Energypath on July 28, as part of a 2016 theme "Emerging Technology & Business Models." Energypath is a conference focused on sustainable energy and energy efficiency. They have "energy camps" in the first three days of a week (including practical hands-on training on how to do a basic solar (PV), wind, micro-hydro, or other "sustainable energy" installation), and a more traditional conference and expo in the last two days of the week. This year it will be held at Penn State. You can register to attend whether or not you are involved in the Sprout competition. Organizations can also sign up to have a booth. Feel free to use the comments below in this thread and/or look around at interesting ideas on the CoLab to find collaborators if you'd like to participate with others!

Lewoye Bantie

Jun 9, 2017


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it is so good to the members and after this time i will work effectively in this club

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