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Seeking team menbers on project for mobilizing cities and regions for cliumate action

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Andrew Vitvitsky

Dec 2, 2015


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Seeking team members for project on mobilizing sub-national actors (SNAs, i.e. cities, regions and business sectors) including international networks of said SNAs for climate action and integrating this promising cohort with UNFCCC multilateral process. Research effort under way, would appreciate collaboration, peer review and feedback.

Ernest Rando

Dec 7, 2015


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Greetings, Just heard about this forum while listening to the cop21 webcasts. I believe it would make sense to organize networks within watersheds where renewable materials and energy can be shared and distributed and the means of production can be controlled by those effected by the social relationships of said production of resources. If I can be of service I would be interested in helping.

Andrew Vitvitsky

Dec 8, 2015


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To lotusdog: Appreciate your interest on my project and applaud you for your own creative thinking. One anticipated outcome of COP21 is the formal recognition and empowerment of sub-national, or non-state, actors (cities, regions, business sectors) for collaboration with the multi-lateral UN process. The former cohort argues in compelling fashion for their ability to help close the mitigation gap remaining after COP21. Although their newly acquired status is a start, as yet it's an aspirational measure short on a specific agenda of strategies and methods. Each of the sub-groups can target emissions sources within their spheres of control. Up 35% of carbon comes from the built environment, 15% from transportation, 5% from waste management,30% from coal plants and 15% from industrial processes. Non-state actors need to develop schemes for integrating their efforts on these fronts with national and multi-lateral endeavors. My goal is to contribute to development of such useful schemes. Have started research and identified helpful precedents. Should the foregoing be of interest glad to communicate further.

Delton Chen

Dec 16, 2015


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Hello Andrew, Well done for this initiative. Mobilising through cities could be a very effective political pathway. Global 4C might be a project that you may wish to keep in mind if you collaborate with city-based groups. because the project offers global impact and with a low initial costs. If the policy is successful, then the costs can be covered by investors under a business model. A paper is now online and gives the theoretical background. I will also upload a YouTube video of a conference presentation in the coming weeks. The paper is here: Global 4C: World Monetary Union for Climate Change Mitigation – Delton B. Chen, Jonathan Cloud, and Joel van der Beek Cheers Delton

Eliza Johnston

Jan 4, 2016


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Hello and Happy New Year. Im responding to Andrew's original post. As someone who has been working on municipal level action professionally and through volunteer roles for over a decade, Id be interested in collaborating and/or hearing more about what you have in mind. Thanks! Eliza

Melissa Mills

Jan 7, 2016


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Dear Andrew, Thank you for this call for collaboration on the local and regional level! This is very exciting! Please include me. I am involved in local efforts in Durham, NC, and unofficially part of Transition U.S., ( which is part of the global effort: ). As a member of Rotary International, I'm chair of the Education, Awareness and Empowerment committee of a new action group called Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group. (If you are a Rotary member, please join at - the temporary website address. If you would like to become a Rotary member, please get in touch with me and I'll direct you to a local club - we have 1.2 million members in clubs in more than 100 countries.)

Berwyn Salazar

Mar 10, 2016


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Hi Andrew, I am an environmental commissioner for the City of Carson in California an I would like to join your team that aims to mobilize cities for climate action.

Dinda Dewinta

Mar 14, 2016


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Hi Andrew, I am Dinda from Indonesia and I'm undergraduate student in Urban and Regional Planning. I'm very interested in environmental issues especially climate change and how cities in the world to face climate change. I would be interested in collaborating or hearing more about what you have in your mind. Thank you~

Martin Kailie

Mar 19, 2016


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Hi Andrew, I am a community innovator in Bo, Sierra Leone. I work with community groups and women farmers in rural Sierra Leone. I would like to join the team. Regards, Martin

Katharina Davis

Nov 29, 2016


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Hi Andrew, is your research project still under way? If so please let me know. I work at UNDP on climate change.

Raoudha Abdellaoui

Dec 9, 2016


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Hi Andrew, I am a Tunisian Resercher/Associate Professor I study Physiological behaviour of plants under abiotic stress (salinity, drought, temperature, etc.). These abiotic stresses are results of climate change. I would like to join your team and know more about your ideas.

Best regards,

Joseph Masengesho

Dec 15, 2016


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Hi Adrew, thanks for this amazing initiative. I'm an environmental activist and climate leader living in Kigali, Rwanda. I will be interested in learning more and join this efforts.

Nina Schoonman

Dec 21, 2016


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Hi Andrew, thank you for taking the initiative here. As an Oxford biology graduate moving into a masters on global change, climate change and sustainable development I would be very interested indeed in learning more about your ideas and how I could be involved. Best wishes,

Nina Schoonman

Dec 21, 2016


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Hi Andrew, thank you for taking the initiative here. As an Oxford biology graduate moving into a masters on global change, climate change and sustainable development I would be very interested indeed in learning more about your ideas and how I could be involved. Best wishes,

Ekta Kalra

Jan 10, 2017


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Hi Andrew,

My greatest capability is my ability to come up with innovative ideas when presented with all facts or information pieces.

You may test me for my ability to come up with new ideas and plans. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

I am a climate change consultant and researcher. I had the opportunity to work with some good scientists. I can forward their letter of recommendation.

I would love to collaborate from Nagpur, India.

Thank you!

Holly M. Berkowitz

Jan 12, 2017


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I am a citizen journalist and citizen scientist, and have had the honor of meeting several leaders in this field including James Hansen, Jerry Schnook, Lou Licht and Mark Z. Jacobson.....and am very encouraged at this time.....because major corporations of the private sector are taking the lead for harvesting renewables.....especially in oil state Teas.

Our main mission at this time to end and reverse both Climate911 and our 6th Extinction is.. and I am very encouraged because both sides of the political aisle recognizes that Renewable Energy is win-win-win......especially as an economic stimulus if we count more than private bank accounts of a fat fossil fuel industry.

1) Science education for scientific literacy to reach far beyond the private/obvious/shortterm/cash-driven worlds of most Americans and inspire the many to protect priceless but uncountable places

2) Redefine our word "eco+nomic" as more than mechanical rates of human cash that crush life and logic on earth to.....count more than cash numbers to value the invaluable, priceless, uncountable of logic and life

3) Count more than cash to Leave the dinosaurs in the ground to stop causing hell on earth

4) Harvest free and infinite flows of 100% Renewable Energy 100% doable by 2050 or before (, Jacobson),by 2030 (ARENA 2016)....if fossil fuel fools would stop crushing their own children's future, their own nation's future, their own private future stupidly.... to invest in a 100% Renewable Energy Green Economic Renaissance Now.......Solar could satisfy all energy needs on earth x 11,000 (ETOM 2013).....Wind could satisfy all energy needs on earth x 10 (AWEA 2015).....Water and waves could satisfy all energy needs on earth, waves x 5 (aquamarine 2016) addition to gravity, geothermal (se Pavegen), biofuels, bioenergy, energy efficiency & conservation more aggressive & safer recycling of everything back into the marketplace.......Energy efficiency as a powerful fuel equivalent economically....imagination...smarter cities and grids and people who care....

5) Green our cities and electrical grids to kick our deadly explosive toxic terminal fossil fuel addictions....for smarter, greener, more affordable, safer cities and grids and lives

6) Convert impermeable heat islands such as our cities into absorbent green watersheds of native buffers with deep absorb recharge our dying activate dying air cycles .......plants living (O2 photosynthesis <=> animals living CO2 respiration activate dying water cycles to minimize floods, droughts, desertification.....

I hope I can help as a photographer/videographer......My website is www.500px Holly M. Berkowitz and

My main strength is photography and brainstorming how to solve climate/energy problems.