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supplementary information for proposals?

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Stacy Rebich Hespanha

Jul 2, 2015


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I'm wondering if it is appropriate to provide supplementary information for a proposal in order to respond to the judges' comments and suggestions at the level of detail requested. Most sections of my proposal are currently very close to the character limits, and it will be hard to address the judges requests without expanding the proposal beyond those length limits. What is the preferred way to provide the more detailed information requested to support general ideas described in the main body of the proposal? Or is it possible to have the length limits increased for proposals that have advanced to the semi-final round? Thank you for any guidance you can provide on this.


Jul 4, 2015


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I added a lot of images being inspired by Michael123. There does not seem to a limit on images and you can make your own infographic with essential information. I hope this helps a bit.

Mario Cobucci Neto

Jul 5, 2015


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bloodwaterblonde I'm interested in seeing these images if possible. You have somehow to see? Thanks Mario Cobucci Neto Ecology

Stacy Rebich Hespanha

Jul 7, 2015


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Thanks for the idea, bloodwaterblonde! I will definitely try to convert some of the info to images, as appropriate. If I hear back from the administrator regarding other possibilities (I also sent a message to the administrator directly), I'll be sure to share here.