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air-powered household energy generation

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Brian Davis

Sep 16, 2013


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A discussion should begin regarding using either steam or air power to create energy/electricity at the source of USE, not at a coal-fired power plant miles away. This could be achieved by changing electrical output sockets into centrifugal motors that are connected to an input-output air-driven system, changing electrical use from AC to DC, re-directing unused power to a battery storage system, and using timers and automation to redirect high power use functions to "off-hour" times (ex- wash/dry clothes at night, then shut off hot water heater until morning). This would be especially useful in suburban areas, where a single energy substation could produce enough vacuum to rotate in-wall motors for multiple homes. Rural areas could use the same principle with solar-produced steam and/or wind/solar power. While it is admitted that this will not address the entire spectrum of electrical use/carbon production (ex- industry, high amperage use), by changing both the way electricity is produced AND the amount used, it is a starting point in the reduction of global carbon emissions caused by burning coal.

Yusuf Mallie

Jan 15, 2014


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Hi Brian wonderful idea and concept. Have you understood the logistic of energy generation and the parity of load carrying and the fundamentals of amperage in elements. That air and steam generators is a difficult process. Until now. With my Renewable Multiplier on the MIT climate proposal. Please support my proposal as I designed and developed the first low to high output electrical generator, with my multiplier.